Join the Partnership

RRVA Membership Services

Becoming a member opens the door to a host of exclusive benefits and a chance to be a part of a community dedicated to the prosperity of the Red River Valley region.

Legislative Coordination

There is no more vigorous advocate for legislation affecting the Red River region than the RRVA for water resource projects. We provide annual testimony for Federal appropriations and coordinate our efforts with our 8 U.S. Senators and 10 U.S. Representatives.


Support for or against proposed changes to federal water resource laws and regulations, which affect the citizens in the Red River Valley.


Newsletters provide updates on projects, development activities, and general information.


Our conventions offer presentations, workshops, exhibits, and networking opportunities for regional development. We conduct annual conferences in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Identify Projects

Assist communities in identifying water resource projects and coordinating them through the proper legislative channels.

Regulatory Process

Assist entities, both private and corporate, with the procedures and guidelines for Section 404 and Section 10 permits, dealing with wetlands and structures in navigable waters, mandated by the Corps of Engineers.

Federal Agency Facilitation

Coordinate and facilitate issues or information with federal agencies such as the Corps of Engineers, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and U.S. Coast Guard.

Public Awareness

Assist communities on educating the public on the value of water resource issues and projects.