Red River Valley Association

A Four State Association Dedicated to the Development of the Land and Water Resources of the Red River Basin.

Land and Water Resource Development

Advocating for the Red River Valley


The Red River Valley in Arkansas faces various water resource…


Native Americans populated the Red River Valley for 12,000 years…


The source of the Red River is the confluence of the North Fork…


Of the 1,360 miles of the Red River, 640 miles delineate…

Our Story

Serving Millions Across Four States Since 1925

The Red River Valley Association, founded in 1925, is a non-profit, member-supported organization. Its purpose is to advance the economic development and well-being of the millions of citizens in the area traversed by the Red River in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Our Partners

The Port of Caddo-Bossier
Sierra Frac Sand, LLC
Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel
Caddo Levee District
Central Louisiana Regional Port
Alexandria Terminal
Genesis Marine
Southwest Arkansas Water District

Our Purpose

Flood Control

In May 1990, the Red River in Arkansas…


Authorized by Congress through the Rivers…

Bank Stabilization

Each year, the Red River erodes hundreds of…


The Red River Valley Association is concerned…

Water Quality

Nearly 4,000 tons of natural salts, primarily sodium…

Electricity Generation

In 1945, Lake Texoma’s Denison Dam commenced…

Recreational Facilities

Innumerable lakes, ranging from small oxbow lakes…

Economic and Community Development

Whether it be the jobs created by construction projects…

Public Awareness

Supporting communities in educating the public…
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Our Footprint

Since its inception, the Red River Valley Association has been instrumental in working at the local, state and federal levels to impact change. The goal of the RRVA is to support and advance a number of programs to develop the land and water resources of the Red River Valley for the beneficial use of all its residents.